About Imran Khan

As a Student
Dr. Imran Khan M.Yusufzay has completed his primary and higher secondary education from his native Junagadh. He did his B.A with English from Bahauddin Arts College of Junagadh in 2007. He did his B.Ed. in 2010 in Junagadh. He did his masters M.A. (with English Language & Literature in 2009) and M.Phil. (in Teaching Short Story to UG Students of Saurashtra in 2015) from the Department of English & Comparative Literary Studies, Saurashtra University, Rajkot. He has done his Ph.D. (on Teaching Communication Skills to the Engineering Students in Saurashtra) from the same department in 2018.
As an English Teacher
Dr. Khan holds more than ten years of experience of teaching to the students of various faculties. He taught the Diploma and Degree (Engineering) students for 7.5 years at Om Engineering College, Junagadh. During his tenure with GTU, he worked in different capacities in number of university programs and events as a host and coordinator. He owns around seven years’ experience of teaching English Language, English Grammar, Communication Skills, Personality Development Program among others. He is right now teaching English and other subjects to the higher secondary students of Arts and Commerce in grant in aid Government School near Manavadar.

Imran has received Pedagogical Innovative Award determined by Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad Innovative Council of Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad on 14th February, 2015.

As a Poet and Creative Writer
Imran has also penned 31 poems in 4 different languages which include 12 poems in English, 5 in Gujarati, 3 in Hindi and 11 poems are in Urdu. Most of the poems are still unpublished. Though he does share all his poems and articles on his Facebook Timeline and Blog. He has also penned a Short Story entitled “Bank Was Robbed” which is published an International e-journal “LangLit” in Sept 2017. Click https://goo.gl/y9AhmN
As a Researcher

Imran has by now presented four research papers in International conferences and seminars and three research papers in seminars and conferences of National repute. He has done his M.Phil. research on Teaching Short Story to the UG Students in Saurashtra. He is doing his Ph.D. research on Teaching Communication Skills in English to the Engineering Students in Saurashtra. His journey as a researcher is ongoing.


He can be reached at imkeng86@gmail.com

Facebook: CLICK HERE